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by on May 28
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On the last Friday of each month I’d like to share the interesting bits I found on the web.  These are some of the things that caught my eye over the last few weeks.

Why does the moon look so huge on the horizon?

This is one the kids often ask me when we’re camping.  I usually give them a jumbled sort of answer that I’m not entirely sure they understand. But, hey, I know what I mean.  Next time they ask me, I’ll be prepared!  Discover Magazine blogs have all sorts of interesting bits and pieces that can be related back to your travel.

10 of the best kid friendly cafes in Melbourne

When your not on your home turf it can be a bit daunting finding somewhere kid friendly to eat.  There’s the food, the highchairs, prams and general attitude towards your little companions that can all make a difference.  This guest post over at Planning with Kids is a great list for when you’re out and about in Melbourne.

Breastfeeding baby and long car trips

This is another one from Planning with Kids.  It’s hard enough to keep older kids happy on longer trips.  At least you can throw a banana or something into the back seat for them to munch on.  Dealing with babies that need to be fed and fed now, not when it suits you to stop, is an entirely different challenge.  Be sure to read the comments, too.  There’s some good advice there.

Nature kids: treasure hunt soup

Childhood 101 is full of fun family ideas.  Although this little game was played in the backyard, it could just as easily be adapted for a family outing or when camping.  Just be sure to scout the area first!

Best tips for travelling with children

It’s the reader’s supplying the advice on Organizing Your Way this time.  So scroll down to the comments section and see what ingenious mums can come up with.


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