7 family friendly Warrnambool attractions

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Warrnambool, on Victoria’s south west coast, plays host to Fun 4 Kids later in June.  I’m pretty certain families attending the festival as a day trip, will be too exhausted after all the fun to explore many of Warrnambool’s attractions.  However, those opting for a longer stay will find there’s plenty more to see.

Of course, Fun 4 Kids isn’t the only reason to visit and if you find yourself there at another time, as many holidaying families do, I hope this list of my favourite family friendly Warrnambool attractions comes in handy.

1. Flagstaff Hill

Warrnambool attractions - Flagstaff Hill

Flagstaff Hill (Image: Wikitravel)

Flagstaff Hill is another of Australia’s great regional museums.  It has a maritime theme (being on the shipwreck coast, and all).  The famous Loch Ard Peacock, rescued from the Loch Ard shipwreck,  is on display in the traditional museum section.  This part of Flagstaff Hill provides audio visual presentations of the perilous journeys by ship to the area in the late 1800’s.

The remainder of Flagstaff Hill is made up of a typical port village from the days of yore with many authentic buildings such as a bank, doctor’s surgery, school and sail maker’s workshop.  There are a couple of ships in port to explore, too.

The jewel in Flagstaff Hill’s crown is Shipwrecked, a sound and light spectacular:

“… journey through a raging ocean, flanked by an unforgiving coastline… A Melbourne-bound clipper with a priceless statue on board…. The 18 year old daughter of an Irish doctor… A poor but keen young crewman, discovering an exciting life on the high seas.”  www.flagstaffhill.com

2. Lady Bay Foreshore

Warrnambool hugs Lady Bay, which during it’s day as a busy port saw around 30 shipwrecks.  The foreshore these days plays host to tourists rather than sailors.  Beginning at the breakwater there is a nearly 6km walking/riding path all the way round the bay to Logan’s Beach.  The main beach is safe for swimming and perfect for sandcastles.  It’s manned by Surf Lifesavers during the summer months

3. Logan’s Beach

Southern Right Whale (Image: Wikipedia)

Logan’s Beach is Warrnambool’s Southern Right whale nursery.  Adult whales usually start making an appearance at Logan’s Beach around June.  Soon enough a baby or two can be seen sticking close to their mummas not far off shore.  A whale watching platform sits on top of the dunes at Logan’s Beach which provides a good view up and down the coast.

Whether the whales put in an appearance is entirely up to them, but it’s fun searching for them.  Make sure to rug up, as it can get quite cold and windy on the platform.  Regular updates on whale activity can be found here.

4. Lake Pertobe

Across the road from the foreshore is Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground.  It’s a huge park with plenty of open space for an action packed family afternoon.  BBQ’s, shelters and toilets are available.  Kids (and probably an adult or two) will love clambering over the playground which includes a maze, flying fox and all manner of climbing, sliding and swinging contraptions.  Canoes and paddle boats are available for hire on the lake.  The playground itself is all free!

5. Fletcher Jones Garden

The colourful annuals that adorn the precisely laid out gardens (also known as Pleasant Hill) at the old Fletcher Jones factory in Warrnambool seem to fascinate young kids.  I can remember myself, nagging mum every time we went to Warrnambool, to have a wander around the gardens.  I’m not sure if it’s the giant “basket” of flowers, the wishing well or just the beauty of the garden.  Whatever it is, it has an almost magical aura.

6. Tower Hill

Yes, it’s all about hills in Warrnambool!  Tower Hill is an extinct volcano about 10 kilometres west of Warrnambool.  After being stripped for farmland, the area is now a wild life reserve and is slowly regenerating to its former beauty.

Warrnambool attractions - Tower Hill

Emus wander all around Tower Hill State Game Reserve

There are heaps of walks around Tower Hill, including a quite strenuous (for me anyway) climb to the top of Tower Hill.  The view is worth all the puffing though – the craters surrounding the hill, the farmland to Port Fairy in the west, Warrnambool in the east, and to the south the mighty Southern Ocean.  Easier walks include a boardwalk that meanders through one of the craters.  Last time we saw lizards sunning themselves on the boardwalk, very curious emus and a funny little echidna who stuck his head in the leaf litter and pretended we weren’t there.  All very exciting.

Tower Hill is a great place for a picnic, with a excellent facilities at the Worn Gundidj Visitor Centre (including bbqs and good toilets).  Emus and koalas hang out around the picnic area too, making your lunch one to remember.

7. Hopkins River mouth

Exploring rockpools, fishing and having a wander; there are options aplenty at the Hopkins River mouth for passing away an afternoon.  The foreshore walk passes right by, so you can pick that up for a longer stroll.  The historic Proudfoot’s Boathous is nearby too, for a coffee and a snack.

Where are they?

Happy travels,

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