Do you travel with gadgets?

by on June 9
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I’m a gadget girl. My kids have inherited my gadget genes.  We have gadgets.

When we travel, we try to get away from TV, internet and general technology to a certain extent.  I reckon there’s enough to do on a holiday without relying on technology for entertainment.  However, there are a few gadgets that usually make it onto the packing list for our journeys that enhance our travel experiences.

We take my iPod in the car for sing alongs.  While hubby and I might enjoy the odd bit of ABC Rural, the kids aren’t so keen.  The kids have an iPod shuffle each loaded up with their favourite songs and a story or two for a bit of their own quiet time in the car.  Mobile phones are virtually essential in these times of disappearing pay phones.  And last, but certainly not least, cameras: my DLSR and a couple of little compact point and shooters for the kids (I won one of them – I’m not addicted to buying cameras).

If we’re holidaying in the winter months or going for an extended period I pack my laptop so we can watch a DVD during especially bad spells of weather and to transfer my gazillion photos to.

Even these few items, that will generally fit into a small bag, can create a conga line of issues that need to be considered.

Chargers, cables & batteries

Why, oh why is there no universal charger for all the gadgets ever invented?  I keep the various chargers packed away in a little (well, not so little) snaplock box at home.  That way I just grab the box and pack it along with everything else.  No searching around the house for the phone charger the morning we’re leaving.

I think if I strung the all the cables end to end they might even reach our destination. They’re all in the charger box, too.


When travelling make sure all your gadgets are a) stored securely so they won’t be rolling around smashing each other to little pieces; and b) hidden away so that prying eyes don’t take a liking to them while you’re buying a sausage roll at the great bakery you just found.


I was a bit surprised to learn that neither our standard house and contents, car, nor caravan insurance covered items that we take away on holidays (I shouldn’t have been surprised, I know).  I had to change (read upgrade) both our car and caravan insurance to include a specified amount for valuables stored in each.  That can amount to quite a lot when tech gadgets are concerned.  I was surprised (again) what it all added up too.  The increase in our policies wasn’t all that much and we are now covered for theft or damage from either vehicle.  Check your insurance.  Seriously.

Put the gadgets away

I touched on this briefly before.  There is so much to see and do when exploring our wonderful country that you would have to be bonkers to spend the day with your nose in a computer or DS screen.  Same can be said for wandering around with earbuds in your ears.  Case in point (this really happened on a neighbouring campsite on our last trip away):

The clear night skies crisped the air.  Thousands of stars twinkled in the wide sky.  The nearby lake was still.  Silent.  The friends were gathered around a warming campfire.  A couple stared deeply into the flickering flames.  Across the orange glow their friends … watched Get Smart on a laptop.

Is that just ludicrous?  Put them away!  Go have an experience.

Do you travel with gadgets?

Happy travels,

Image by wanderingthinker

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