Hi!  I’m Leanne Nelson, jack of all trades here at Australia: Family Style.

If you’ve ever racked your brain, wondering what you and the kids could do for the weekend, or where to go on your next family friendly holiday, Australia: Family Style can help:

  • travel & outing tips learnt from experience
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Australia: Family Style is written from a mum’s perspective. I share our travels in the hope they might inspire others to see some more of this wonderful country and make it an enjoyable, memorable family experience to boot.   Australia: Family Style is also a place for readers to share their experiences – no two family trips are alike!

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A little bit about me

I’ve always loved getting out and seeing Australia.  Our family trips when I was a child were always an exciting event.  Up “The Centre”, summer at the beach, camping in national parks; discovering all sorts of wonderful places and things to do.  They are some of the best memories from childhood.

Now I have my own family:  three young kids (two girls & a boy) and my husband.  As often as we can we head off to explore our amazing country.  Sometimes it’s a day trip, sometimes it’s a couple of weeks away.  No matter what, we always have a great time.  Sure we have minor “disasters”.  Who can avoid those with three kids?  But at the end of the day we either have a giggle at the calamities, or they’re overshadowed by the fun.

Our holiday mode of choice is caravanning.  Sometimes (ever so rarely these days) we luxe it up a bit and stay in an apartment or hotel.  On the whole, we love the caravanning lifestyle though.  It’s so easy to meet other travellers while relaxing out the front of the van.  Of course, the kids are playing with new friends within 30 minutes of arriving at our destination.  And we love that it gives us more freedom in where we can visit.  We usually spend about six weeks a year in the caravan and dream of an extended trip around Australia when my husband (eventually) is able to take long service leave.

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