Family trip to the snow. Heeelp!

by on June 23, 2010
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This year we plan on taking the kids for their first visit to the snow.  I have to admit that skiing isn’t one of my favourite things. The last time I was on a high mountain with white stuff I spent most of my time on parts of my body other than my feet, sliding down a hill fearful for my safety.  My husband, on the other hand, was a keen cross country skier and has been eager for the kids to experience the wonders of snow for some years.  So, I’ve been picking my friends’ brains and researching my little heart out in the hope of having a fun family experience later in the year.

We’re not doing the full on ski holiday.  A day trip is plenty for this blogger.  I’m hoping a little tobogganing, followed by a snowman and a snowball fight will see us through.

These are a few links that have helped my decidedly un-snow bunny outlook:

Help me readers!  What are your tips for taking the kids to the snow?

Happy travels,

Image by Tony the Misfit

Last minute ideas for the long weekend

by on June 11, 2010
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The Queen’s Birthday long weekend us just about upon us (well, most of us – sorry Western Australia!).  If you’re getting just slightly jealous at your friends’ plans or are cursing yourself for not having anything organised, here are a few last minute suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Visit a national park

Australia is blessed with an abundance of national parks.  When was the last time you and the kids explored one? Read more

See. Do. Go. – Museums around Australia

by on May 31, 2010
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See. Do. Go. is a monthly round up of family style destinations and activities all around Australia to give you some inspiration for your next family adventure.

This month See. Do. Go. is all about museums. Just about every major town has one. While some are “museums” in the loosest sense of the word (perhaps an excuse to hoard junk), most are interesting insights into the area’s history.  A good museum is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon learning all sorts of fascinating bits and pieces.  Many are now interactive, which suits the kids just fine.

This is but a small selection of museums from each state (metropolitan and rural).  Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below.

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Holiday Memories

by on May 26, 2010
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Holidays are the ultimate memory makers for families.  I think there are a number of reasons. We get to spend quality time with the ones we love.  We have new and exciting experiences.  We get to relax, without the extra pressures of everyday life demanding our attention.

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